Friday, 11 March 2011

A glimpse through photos

I am sitting (yet again) in a pub by myself… using my computer as an excuse to not be gallivanting around town with all the young hooligans. I don’t mind it too much.. I almost like the ‘mysterious’ look I have going. After all, they don’t know that I’m simply writing a blog post to family and friends—for all they know, I am the next Jane Austin, working on my latest novel. Or better yet, a new American journalist, writing a brilliant expose on life before the royal wedding. Some have asked if I’m a writer- instead of crashing their dreams (and revealing my true identity as a Nanny), respond with, “I suppose you could say that”.

Other than spending time writing at various pubs (I promise this is not all the time), I have also spent some time taking day trips as well! Here are some photos of my days…

My first time riding the tube-- I love it!
 Sloane Square is right down the street from us.

Spending the day at the British Museum...

Going for a walk with Miss Kat. We sang a long rendition of Ol McDonald. 
He not only had a farm-- but a jungle, desert, wetlands, and ocean for that matter.

St. Lukes park, a daily venture of ours.

Always one step ahead of me..

The market at Duke of York Square- everything is fresh and smells amazing. 

Taking a break in the park!

Making lunch and having a date on the patio!

Exploring South Kensington on my walk home from church!

And finally... Home sweet home

I think I may or may not have hit my limit for photos in one blog-- however, there will be plenty more to come! I am taking the train this weekend to visit a friend in Norwich before she moves back to Mozambique. Say prayers for both of our travels! (Yes, I know that I am merely taking a train two hours north-- however, those of you that know my sense of direction... you understand my need for prayers as well!)


  1. Travis, kristen and I remember all too well your sense of direction...remember the side trip to Idaho on our way to the barbecue at the ranch?

  2. I just finished reading your blog and am so inspired by you. Your fire and passion for your faith is contagious. I am so proud of you and look forward to reading more about your travels and adventures. I can't wait to hear about your travels and see more pictures. We all LOVE YOU!

  3. Lindsey-
    I so enjoy reading about your journey- it is so inspiring- You certainly should consider being a journalist :)- you have a way of grabbing the reader and taking them along-
    With continued love and prayers-
    Aunt Debbie